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Program Description:

The Life Skills program of One Step Further, Inc. is a 20-hour program designed to provide youth ages 9 to 17 that have had difficulties at school and in the community with the resources to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.Classes are taught by trained facilitators at One Step Further, community recreation centers, and other sites throughout the community using the Botvin Life Skills Training Curriculum, an evidence-based program.  Classes are offered on Saturdays and weeknights. All classes meet for 10 sessions (2 hours each), once a week. Please be aware that the wait for weeknight classes tends to be longer.

Who Can Refer?

Juveniles can be referred by court-order, law enforcement officials (including School Resource Officers), juvenile court counselors, community agencies, or parents.

Target Population:

To be eligible for the Life Skills program, a youth must be:
• 9 to 17 years old and enrolled in school
• At risk of delinquency or currently involved in the juvenile court system.
• Exhibiting poor behavior at home, in school, or in the community

Program Schedule:

Classes are scheduled in both Greensboro and High Point with 12-15 students. Classes are conducted Monday through Thursday (6pm-8pm) and on Saturdays (10am-12noon).

Program Location:

Greensboro: Glenwood Recreation Center, Windsor Center, One Step Further (Greensboro Office)

High Point: Oakview Recreation Center and St. Stephen AME Zion Church. 

Program Goals:

Youths referred to the Life Skills program will be placed in either a Junior Life Skills class or a Senior Life Skills class.

Junior Life Skills (ages 9 – 13) cover the following topics:

  • Self-Image & Self Improvement

  • Making Decisions

  • Smoking: Myths & Realities

  • Alcohol: Myths & Realities

  • Marijuana: Myths & Realities

  • Advertising

  • Violence and the Media

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Coping with Anger

  • Communication Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Assertiveness

  • Resolving Conflicts

Senior Life Skills (ages 14 – 17) cover the following topics:

  • The Value of Good Decision-Making for Health

  • Risk-taking and Substance Abuse

  • Media and Health

  • Managing Stress, Anger, and Other Emotions

  • Family Communications

  • Healthy Relationships


Is there a fee for your service?

There is NO FEE to participate in Life Skills classes.

Jen Shoe.jpg
Jennifer Shoe
JSLS Program Director

Phone: 336-275-3699, Ext.208

Fax: 336-378-0959


Cecelia Pettis

JSLS Case Manager


Phone: 336-275-3699 Ext. 216

Fax: 336-378-0959


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