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Family Factor Program

Program Description: 

The Family Factor Program is designed to strengthen the family bonds of LGBTQ youth (12 - 24 yrs of age) and their caregivers. Throughout the 10 week course, both youth and caregivers will have the opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge of LGBTQ topics and issues including (but limited to): terminology, the coming out process, panel discussions, bullying and discrimination, family acceptance, faith, and sexual orientation vs. sexual identity.  


Who Can Refer?    

Program referrals come from Guilford County Schools, School Resource Officers, Juvenile Court Counselors, the Guardian Ad Litem office, Foster Care, Youth Focus, Inc., PFLAG-Greensboro, YouthSafe, the Interactive Resource Center (IRC), self-referrals, and other community-serving agencies.

Target Population:

Our target population are LGBTQ youth, ages 12-24, and their caregivers experiencing non-acceptance from family members or caregivers.

Program Goals:

The Family Factor Program has one main goal: that LGBTQ youth and their caregivers bridge the gap between non-acceptance and acceptance. In achieving this, both youth and caregivers will expand their knowledge of LGBTQ issues and the community as a whole, address their own biases, learn how to decrease risky behavior, and dispel stereotypes.

Program Schedule:

Intakes are completed in our Greensboro office by appointment. Classes are scheduled to run once a week (two hours) for 10 weeks. 


Where is Family Factor conducted?

The program operates out of the One Step Further, Inc. Corporate office in Greensboro. Classes may also be held at off-site meeting spaces (local churches and non-profit agencies) to ensure confidentiality.























Winzell Collins
Program Director
Winzell began as an instructor with Family Factor, and assumed the role of Program Director in January 2018. Winzell brings with him a longstanding passion to help people and educate them about LGBTQ issues and acceptance. On a personal note, Winzell is an avid camper, wood craftsmen, husband and father to his beautiful daughter. 
Referral Form

Phone: 336-275-3699, ext 205

Fax: 336-378-0959


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