Teen Court

Program Description: 

Alamance County Teen Court is a diversion program that began in July 2017 under One Step Further, Inc. It is a real court with a real judge presiding over each trial and court session. Teen Court judges are community volunteers and are either a presiding judge on the Alamance County circuit or a practicing attorney in Alamance County. Court hearings are held twice a month on Tuesday evenings at courthouses in Alamance County Courthouse in Graham. Our success rate averages between 96% and 98%. Parental support is key to a child’s success.


Who Can Refer?    

Program referrals come from School Resource Officers, Juvenile Court Counselors, Police and Sheriff's

Department personnel, and School representatives.

Target Population:

Teen Court (TC) targets youth offenders ages 6 to 17 whose behavior constitutes a misdemeanor violation of the law for Class I, II or III misdemeanors as defined by current statutory guidelines, and who are actively enrolled in an educational program.  Youth are eligible for TC participation under these guidelines as a first committed offense or, youth who have been adjudicated delinquent or undisciplined in court on a previous offense, but have not participated in Teen Court in the past. TC referrals are made by School Resource Officers, law enforcement officials, and juvenile court counselors. 

Program Goals:

The benefits of a child participating and completing the Teen Court program are that they gain an

understanding of consequences for their negative actions, learn about self and community responsibility 

and accountability, and how their actions effect not just them but those around them. Some of our Teen 

Court clients return to become volunteers for the program. Being referred to participate in the program 

provides the youth one opportunity to have that charge dismissed and not acquire a juvenile criminal 


Program Schedule:

Intakes appointments are completed by appointment.

Court Proceedings are conducted at the Graham Civil Courts Building on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Where is Teen Court conducted?

Teen Court operates out of the One Step Further, Inc. office at the Cooperative in Graham, NC.

Referral Form

Phone: 336-338-9415


Mike Astuto

Program Director


They call me "Yankee Mike".  I was born and raised on Long Island New York and migrated to North Carolina in 1994. I have lived in Greensboro, NC for 21 years and currently  live in Winston Salem.


I am a graduate of Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston Salem with a degree in Human Services. I also hold a degree in Electronic Technology and a NC State Certification in Health and Wellness. My helping skills have made coaching and counseling a passion of mine for the past 15 years. I love people and have a voracious willingness to help others. My core values and compassion for service aligns with the mission of Teen Court and giving a second chance to the youth of tomorrow.


My home life consists of spending time with my wife,Tish, riding our motorcycle on new adventures, and attending regular dog shows with our beautiful French Bulldogs. I also love spending time with my three grown children.